Our Story
Built by educators, for educators
Our co-founder, Craig Jones, was a middle school science teacher at a struggling public school in South Los Angeles. Thanks to a school grant, he was able to work with a class set of used laptops every day. Initially, Craig patched together some basic software, a student response system and a lot of spreadsheets to help understand his students' strengths and weaknesses to learning standards. The technique of daily formative assessment, more targeted intervention, and faster feedback ultimately led to record-breaking academic outcomes. After four years in the classroom, Craig went to grad school at UCLA where he met Kevin McFarland, his roommate, and soon-to-be co-founder. Together, Kevin and Craig envisioned a world where faster formative teaching practices could replace traditional end-of-year summative assessments. After multiple research initiatives, prototypes, and the help of countless individuals, Formative (formative.com) was launched in January 2015.
Meet the Team
Working hard to ensure our students, teachers and schools grow
Andy Amin
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Andy is a strategist that partners with others to help them solve problems and accomplish their goals. As an adventurer, I like to discover new people, places and cuisines.Why Formative?I strive to prepare our youth for a rapidly changing world. My hope is that students from different backgrounds will be able to develop skills and character traits for future employment and happiness.
Jonathan Bay
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Jonathan is passionate about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, technology, and problem solving. He enjoys serving others, and has found his path assisting K-12 students and professionals with his passions.Why Formative?We are passionate about positively impacting the classroom because we are educators, parents, industry experts, and people with a vision. We know that nurturing the current generation will cultivate a better world. We sincerely believe Formative is the best resource to benefit students, teachers, and the K-12 community as a whole.
Jessica Blackburn
Success Manager
Who am I?Jessica is a former elementary educator who can often be found gardening, working on home improvement projects, and spending time with the family pets.Why Formative?As an educator, Formative allowed my elementary students to engage in deep learning, both distanced and in-person, and gave me the information I needed quickly to make high-quality and data driven moves to help my students succeed!
Melissa Bohorquez
Success Manager
Who am I?After nine years of working in Higher Education developing Student Services programs, Melissa realized that the key to having college-ready students is to intervene during formative years. Formative allows educators to do just that, to meet students where they are by assessing progress and providing instant feedback.Why Formative?Formative was created around the premise that educators should have efficient tools to support student success in new ways. We deeply care about the future of education!
Eva Brown
Implementation Coordinator
Who am I?Eva has taught elementary and middle school as well as coached teachers at all levels. She loves reading, acting, and traveling - but most of all spending time with her husband, three children, and pet golden doodle.Why Formative?Formative was created by teachers for teachers and the entire team truly gets that teaching is hard work! The goal of making the lives of teachers easier and delivering on what we promise is my driving motivator.
Kylie Cavanaugh
Quality Manager
Who am I?Kylie is a lifelong learner who carries her pocket microscope almost everywhere she goes. She loves the outdoors, and spending time with friends, family and animals.Why Formative?Kylie is passionate about education and driven to help teachers and students. That is why she is here at Formative. Formative empowers educators and students by providing real time feedback, differentiated instruction, tracking student growth over time, and so much more. She is so excited to hear how you utilize Formative and is always happy to help you!
Sara Cowley
Success Manager
Who am I?Sara is a former middle and high school music educator with a love for baseball and live music performance. She lives in South Florida with her wife (a teacher) and twin daughters. Sara can never turn down an Oreo.Why Formative?Engagement, relationships, and meaningful student data are what drive successful classrooms. Formative does it all, in addition to supporting teachers by providing tons of flexibility in how they assess.
Mike Farnes
Director of US Sales
Who am I?There are few things in life that impact a child's future as much as a quality education; as such, I am driven to support educators in this invaluable work.Why Formative?I am the father of three little girls who are the "WHY" in everything I do!
Sana Gabula
Chief of Staff
Who am I?Sana is passionate about optimizing for zero-regret outcomes through data-driven decisions and operations.Why Formative?I saw first hand the power of formatives in my classroom with my students, and I am excited to bring this incredible yet simple concept supercharged by technology to millions of educators and students around the world.
Robyn Gerard
Quality Manager
Who am I?Robyn is a wife and mom, wanna be chef, and an artist. She believe customer service is the soul of every company.Why Formative?As the mom of a teenager in high school, I know the struggles of online learning for both teacher and student. I want to be part of the solution that helps our community in this new world we're currently navigating.
Juliann Green
Success Manager
Who am I?Juliann is a former educator of 14 years who believes in the words of George Couros "Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers' it's transformational."Why Formative?As an educator, it is a joy to assist and equip educators with tools to help their students academically succeed.
Josh Harris
Success Manager
Who am I?Josh is an educator and success coach from Kansas City, MO. He currently resides in New Orleans, LA and is happiest when spending quality time with his wife, two toddlers and black lab, Jack.Why Formative?Josh works at Formative to continue working towards closing the opportunity gap and driving student achievement but on a larger scale by supporting teachers all around the world.
Brittney Hoff
Success Manager
Who am I?Brittney is a former educator and instructional coach with a passion to help every learner have a voice. She enjoys spending time with her husband and son, but you can also find her doodling or reading.Why Formative?Formative allows all learners to have a voice and for educators to provide immediate and meaningful feedback. Flexibility, engagement, relationship building, and meaningful data are what drives successful learning; Formative does it all!
Shawn Hopkins
Marketing Manager
Who am I?Shawn is a business development, marketing and advertising professional looking to build incredible solutions to help as many people succeed as possible.Why Formative?Formative enables tens of thousands of educators improve the way they help students learn. Education is an industry that desperately needs abundant innovation, and Formative has the ingenuity, drive, and team to deliver it.
Brittany Jakubik
Success Manager
Who am I?Brittany spent seven years in the classroom in both the United States and Spain. She truly takes pride in making the lives of educators easier and more efficient. She enjoys staying active, exploring new places and restaurants, cooking, and baking.Why Formative?Brittany is excited to continue making a difference in the world of education. She knows how important formative assessment is in guiding learning and instruction, and she can't wait to share this amazing tool with you!
Craig Jones
Who am I?Craig is a family man, former science teacher and helpless fan of the Cincinnati Bengals. He enjoys bike riding and coding late into the night. Craig will always pick Michigan State to win the NCAA tournament.Why Formative?Education is the best way to close the opportunity gap and significant improvements will undeniably change the world for the better.
Yong La
Software Engineer
Who am I?Yong is a Canadian who enjoys powering his coding sessions with coffee. He's excited about the future and how technology will continue to shape and improve our lives.Why Formative?To tackle interesting engineering challenges and have an impact on the education industry.
Brandon Lapomeray
Who am I?Brandon is a product designer who loves to create beautiful and easy to use user interfaces.Why Formative?Formative is an amazing education technology company that believes in revolutionizing how students learn in and out of the classroom. That's a mission I can stand behind.
Joe Lynch
Software Engineer
Who am I?Joe is a passionate guy who loves helping people, building things, and understanding the world around him as well as doing what he can to help improve it. He splits his time between sitting behind a computer screen for days on end and going out into the blinding brightness of the sun to explore the world and the people in it.Why Formative?I've thought about it, and I believe that education is the key to improving the world and the people in it. I'm not sure if I've come across a problem yet that couldn't be solved or hasn't been solved with better education. When people are better educated, they make better decisions which is good for all of us.
Jonathan Mann
President of Partnerships & Success
Who am I?Jonathan is a life long learner that is passionate about helping others realize their full potential.Why Formative?To help students realize their full potential.
Archana Manuel
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Archana is from Vancouver, BC (Go Canucks!) but currently resides in Oregon with her husband and two sons. She is the daughter and granddaughter of two retired teachers. She enjoys baking, playing board games and decorating in her spare time.Why Formative?I joined Formative as I believe in creating an engaging environment that incorporates various learning styles and promotes knowledge sharing using technology. I’m passionate about improving the opportunities for the next generation.
Hallie McCormick
Customer Success Manager
Who am I?Hallie spent the past seven years developing curriculum for educators participating in out of classroom experiences at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. She is passionate about helping educators feel successful, enthused and supported in their work.Why Formative?What brought me to Formative is their enthusiasm and dedication to deliver the highest quality of product to educators across the globe. They are dedicated to transforming the way students are both evaluated and learn in the classroom.
Kevin McFarland
Who am I?Kevin is the product of a lot of loving people, trying to combine a grassroots work ethic with lofty aspirations.Why Formative?Anyone can improve the world in their own way; Improving education empowers entire generations to have that opportunity.
Sarah McGull
Success Manager
Who am I?Sarah is a strategic-minded, relationship builder, who facilitates Formative partnerships. Having spent 14 years in K-12 education prior to joining the Formative team in 2019, Sarah understands the needs of educators and students, so Formative is the perfect fit! Formative allows Sarah to stay active within the K-12 community while empowering the Customer Success Manager team to do the same!Why Formative?We do what we do so that Formative can continue to support student success.
Robin Nagpal
Who am I?Robin is a father of two who likes to write code, understand new technologies, and develop solutions. He likes reading philosophy, working out, and being outdoors. Robin would want to be carbon neutral someday soon.Why Formative?Technology is enabling us solve most basic needs of humans like health & education. Robin feels excited to be part of the team that directly works in education space and helps kids(and hence everyone) have a brighter future.
Zoe Osherow
Success Manager
Who am I?Zoe is a Texas native residing in Denver, CO. You can find her hiking, writing, and teaching her puppy new tricks.Why Formative?As a former educator, I know the importance of using data to improve pedagogical practices to meet the needs of all students. I am passionate about giving teachers the tools to help improve student success.
Remy Oukaour
Software Engineer
Who am I?Remy is a software engineer in New York City. When he's not exploring the streets and parks, he's likely to be finding opportunities to improve the world with code.Why Formative?I believe that having intuitive tools to work with large amounts of data is one of the key ways to empower people with computers. Formative is accomplishing that for teachers and students.
Manuela Pop
Software Developer
Who am I?Manuela is a software engineer who likes to learn new things.Why Formative?She loves yoga, hiking and cooking. She also enjoys spending time with her son Shyam.
Ken Ranosa
Software Engineer
Who am I?Ken is from the Philippines and loves to share his creative gifts to the world via code.Why Formative?Formative allows me to constantly create value for the community daily. I can do this by directly influencing the lives of current and upcoming generations via their studies. Formative also has a family-like culture that resonates with my deep values, and a mission that aligns with my deep purpose. Joining the Formative is truly an awesome opportunity for me to be of service to humanity and at the same time exponentially grow technically and personally.
Katie Rush
Success Manager
Who am I?Katie is a former educator with a passion for educational technology. She enjoys being out on her Stand-up Paddle Board and making up new recipes.Why Formative?Katie is passionate about the positive impact educational technology can have on student engagement and success. Formative is an excellent example of bringing that relationship to life.
Paul Sheppard
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Paul is the son of an educator, married to a former elementary school teacher, and father of 4 high schoolers.Why Formative?As a parent I believe strongly in giving educators strong tools to help identify where each individual student is on the learning progression.
Lauren Sprowl
Business Manager/HR
Who am I?Lauren most enjoys learning through trying new things. You'll find her baking, playing cards, or saying hello to the neighbors' dogs.Why Formative?Coming from a family of educators, I know how important supporting our teachers and students is. Formative is an adaptive tool that does exactly that.
Aaron Tarbell
Success Manager
Who am I?Aaron is a former Humanities teacher with a love for reading, running, live music, and hockey.Why Formative?Formative allows students to show their understanding in a variety of ways, and lets teachers provide immediate, meaningful, and actionable feedback. As a former teacher, Formative was essential to my own classroom practice.
Dobes Vandermeer
Senior Engineer
Who am I?Dobes is a guy from Canada who helps make software, among other things.Why Formative?Fun, fame, and riches. Work with interesting people and make a difference in the world.
Matthew Wheeland
Partnerships Territory Manager
Who am I?Matthew is a former classroom teacher (M.Ed) of 7 years, a father to a young boy, a dog-dad to a beautiful Australian Shepherd and a lover of Ohio sports!Why Formative?Simply put, I believe we are the best instructional assessment available. Teachers love Formative, and you will, too.
Raven Wilson
Success Manager
Who am I?As an educator, finding an Ed Tech tool that enhances and assists teachers to help their student succeed is important to me. Formative does that and so much more.Why Formative?Raven is a former elementary teacher with a passion for building relationships. She loves all things family, fitness, and fun.
Rebecca Worden
Success Manager
Who am I?Rebecca is a former educator who has taught in the U.K., Hong Kong, and the US. She is also a devoted co-parent to Ralph (a dog).Why Formative?Formative empowers teachers! We give you the time and tools to do what you do best: support student success!
Chris Zieba
Senior Engineer
Who am I?Chris loves to solve problems people have on a day to day.Why Formative?To help teachers help their students
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Fostering collaboration amongst educators in our community
Lisa Scumpieru
10th Grade ELA Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Barry Desain
Instructional Tech Specialist
Who am I?Why Formative?
Andy Baumann
Middle School Spanish Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Jen Roberts
9th Grade ELA Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Omer Karabacak
ESL Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Joe Marquez
Tech Coach, Science Teacher
Who am I?Why Formative?
Jordan Cambron
Instructional Support Specialist
Who am I?Why Formative?
Ashly Winkle
HSE and ABE Instructor, Tech Integration Coach
Who am I?Why Formative?
Sean Kendall
Personalized Learning Leader
Who am I?Why Formative?

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