English Knowledge Quiz

By Kimberly Hinton
Last updated almost 4 years ago
30 Questions
Note from the author:
This test was created for a high school Special Education English class where the focus of the trimester is to learn to write a paragraph.

In the following sentence, please identify the subject noun in the sentence: The spider worked to spin an orb web that glistened in the sunlight.


In the following sentence, please identify the verb or verbs in the sentence: The flowers bloomed along the fence and made each passerby smile.


Please identify the adjective in the following sentence: The horse galloped along the isolated lane.

Please identify the adverb in the following sentence: The dainty kitten gently licked up the spilled milk from the kitchen floor.

Please identify the first determiner in the following sentence: A piano dropped to the sidewalk from seven stries above for one loud final blast of notes before it became splinters and ivory scattered for a city block.

If the topic sentence of a paragraph states the following:
Grapes are a fruit that are grown for a variety of reasons and in many different varieties.
The paragraph should not contain any sentences about kittens.

A strong topic sentence will be directly related to all the sentences in the paragraph.

The ______________ horse galloped down the road.
What kind of word is missing in the sentence?

I ate a delicious cookie and then I _________________ a glass of milk.

Which answer puts these sentences in the right order?

I woke in the morning. It was raining outside. I scrambled an egg for breakfast. I ate the egg. I got my keys and headed to my car.

A topic sentence is often the first sentence of the paragraph.

Pronouns stand in for nouns in sentences so that the names of the characters and constant references to the nouns don't become overly repetitive in a passage of reading.

All information I read on the internet is true.

Paragraphs have a structure that makes for easy reading comprehension.

Sentences have to have two things to be considered to be a sentence: a subject and a verb.

One of the words listed is an onomatopoeia, which?

Which is the best topic sentence for the following sentences?

________________________________________________. My kitten's favorite toy is a laser light. he chases it around and gets very frustrated because he can never catch it. His other favorite toy is a catnip mouse. He rubs on the mouse and throws it into the air where he can catch it. The last towy that is my cat's favorite is the fishing pole wiht the feather on the end. he loves it when I have time to sit and make the feather move for him. In conclusion, keeping my cat happy means having a variety of toys availale to him because my cat sure loves to play!


He rose as the sun rises, full of light and energy.

The sentence above contains a simile.


His brain is an encyclopedia of sports' knowledge.

The sentence above contains a simile.


The grass stood and waved at me, knowing it was the last time I would see the field this summer. This was the grand goodbye.

The above sentence uses the literary tool of personification.


The following sentence is punctuated correctly:

I like cute tiny cats.


The following sentence is punctuated correctly:

I like books eating and snakes.


Pick the one sentence that is punctuated correctly:


This sequence is correct:

I ate jellybeans. Jellybeans give me a stomach ache. I forgot that when I hate the jellybeans. I now have a stomach ache.


From this paragraph, we can safely assume that this person does not know how to plant a seed:

My aunt gave me some seeds for my birthday. She said it was so I could plant a garden. I was excited for my new adventure. I carefully placed the seeds on the sidewalk. I couldn't wait to see them grow. It has been five weeks now. I am still waiting for the seeds to grow. The birds ate most of them.


We can safely assume that this person is very angry:

I bit my lip and tried to pretend like I hadn't heard the joke. I waited for my uncle to react, but he didn't. I couldn't hold it any longer, I exploded with laughter.


it is important when you are reading information, to check the source of the information and make sure the information is true.


The concluding sentence in a paragraph is a sentence that restates the topic of the paragraph.


In a narrative, the author uses the structure of importance to drive the creation of the paragraph.


English is my favorite subject.